Word classes


Verb (Udsagnsord/verber)


Adverb (Biord/adverbier)

 To be…

    Present tense Past tense
  1 person I am I was
Singular 2 person You are You were
  3 person He, she, it is He, she, it was
  1 person We are We were
Plural 2 person You are You were
  3 person They are They were

To have…

    Present tense Past tense
  1 person I have I had
Singular 2 person You have You had
  3 person He, she, it Has He, she, it had
  1 person We have We had
Plural 2 person You have You had
  3 person They have They had

To do…

    Present tense Past tense
  1 person I do I did
Singular 2 person You do You did
  3 person He, she, it does He, she, it did
  1 person We do We did
Plural 2 person You do You did
  3 person They do They did


Preposition – (Forholdsord/præpositioner)

Aboard About Above Across After Against
Along Alongside Amid Among Amongst
Around As Aside Astride At
Atop Anti
Barring Before Behind Below Beneath Beside
Besides Between Beyond But By
Circa Concerning Considering
Despite Down During
Except Excepting Excluding
Failing Following For From
In Including Inside Into
Near Nearby Next Notwithstanding
Of Off On Onto Opposite Outside
Past Per Plus
Regarding Round
Save Since
Than Through Throughout Till Times To
Toward Towards
Under Underneath Unlike Unto Up Upon
Versus Via
With Within Without Worth


Pronoun – (Stedord/pronominer)

All Another Any Anybody Anyone Anything
Each Either Everybody Everyone Everything
He Her Hers Herself Him Himself
I It Its Itself
Many Me Mine More Most Much
My Myself
Neither No one Nobody None Nothing
One Other Others Our Ours Ourselves
Several She Some Somebody Someone Something
That Their Theirs Them Themselves These
They This Those
We What Whatever Which Whichever Who
Whoever Whom Whomever Whose
You Your Yours Yourself Yourselves


Irregular verbs

Present tense Danish Past tense Past participle
(Kort tillægsform)
Arise Opstå Arose Arisen
Awake Vågne Awoke Awaked
Bear Føde Bore Born
Bear Bære/udholde Bore Borne
Beat Slå Beat Beaten
Become Blive Became Become
Begin Begynde Began Begun
Bend Bøje Bent Bent
Bid Byde på auktion Bid Bid
Bind Binde Bound Bound
Bite Bide Bit Bitten
Bleed Bløde Bled Bled
Blow Blæse Blew Blown
Break Brække, bryde Broke Broken
Breed Opfostre, avle Bred Bred
Bring Bringe Brought Brought
Broadcast Udsende Broadcast Broadcast
Build Bygge Built Built
Burn Brænde Burned Burned
Burst Briste, eksplodere Burst Burst
Buy Købe Bought Bought
Cast Kaste, støbe Cast Cast
Catch Fange Caught Caught
Choose Vælge Chose Chosen
Cling Klynge sig Clung Clung
Come Komme Came Come
Cost Koste Cost Cost
Creep Krybe Crept Crept
Cut Skære Cut Cut
Deal Tildele Dealt Dealt
Dig Grave Dug Dug
Do Gøre Did Done
Draw Trække, tegne Drew Drawn
Dream Drømme Dreamed Dreamed
Drink Drikke Drank Drunk
Drive Køre, drive Drove Driven
Eat Spise Ate Eaten
Fall Falde Fell Fallen
Feed Fodre Fed Fed
Feel Føle Felt Felt
Fight Kæmpe Fought Fought
Find Finde Found Found
Flee Flygte Fled Fled
Fling Slynge, smide Flung Flung
Fly Flyve Flew Flown
Forbid Forbyde Forbade Forbidden
Forget Glemme Forgot Forgotten
Forgive Tilgive Forgave Forgiven
Freeze Fryse Froze Frozen
Get Få, blive, komme Got Gotten
Give Give Gave Given
Go Gå, rejse Went Gone
Grind Male, knuse Ground Ground
Grow Vokse Grew Grown
Hang Hænge (blive hængt) Hung Hung
Hear Høre Heard Heard
Hide Skjule Hid Hidden
Hit Ramme Hit Hit
Hold Holde Held Held
Hurt Såre, smerte Hurt Hurt
Keep Holde, beholde Kept Kept
Kneel Knæle Knelt Knelt
Know Kende, ved Knew Known
Lay Lægge Laid Laid
Lead Føre, lede Led Led
Lean Læne Leaned Leaned
Leap Springe Leaped Leaped
Learn Lære Learned Learned
Leave Forlade Left Left
Lend Låne Lent Lent
Let Lade, udleje Let Let
Lie Ligge Lay Lain
Light Lyse, tænde Lighted Lighted
Lose Miste Lost Lost
Make Lave, gøre Made Made
Mean Mene, have til hensigt Meant Meant
Meet Møde Met Met
Mow Slå græs, meje Mowed Mowed
Pay Betale Paid Paid
Put Lægge, sætte Put Put
Quit Holde op Quit Quit
Read Læse Read Read
Ride Ride, køre Rode Ridden
Ring Ringe Rang Rung
Rise Rejse sig, stå op Rose Risen
Run Løbe Ran Run
Saw Save Sawed Sawn
Say Sige Said Said
See Se Saw Seen
Seek Søge Sought Sought
Sell Sælge Sold Sold
Send Sende Sent Sent
Set Sætte Set Set
Sew Sy Sewed Sewed
Shake Ryste Shook Shaken
Shed Udgyde Shed Shed
Shine Skinne Shone Shone
Shoot Skyde Shot Shot
Show Vise Showed Showed
Shrink Krympe, vige tilbage Shrank Shrunk
Shut Lukke Shut Shut
Sing Synge Sang Sung
Sink Synke, sænke Sank Sunk
Sit Sidde Sat Sat
Sleep Sove Slept Slept
Slide Glide Slid Slid
Smell Lugte Smelt Smelt
Sow Sowed Sowed
Speak Tale Spoke Spoken
Spell Stave Spelled Spelled
Spend Tilbringe, give ud Spent Spent
Spin Spinde Spun Spun
Spit Spytte Spat Spat
Split Splitte Split Split
Spoil Ødelægge Spoiled Spoiled
Spread Sprede, brede sig Spread Spread
Spring Springe Sprang Sprung
Stand Stå Stood Stood
Steal Stjæle Stole Stolen
Stick Klæbe Stuck Stuck
Sting Stikke Stung Stung
Stink Stinke Stank Stunk
Strike Slå, strejke Struck Struck
Swear Bande Swore Sworn
Sweep Feje Swept Swept
Swell Svulme Swelled Swelled
Swim Svømme Swam Swum
Swing Svinge Swung Swung
Take Tage Took Taken
Teach Lære, undervise Taught Taught
Tear Rive i stykker Tore Torn
Tell Fortælle Told Told
Think Tænke, synes Thought Thought
Throw Kaste Threw Thrown
Thrust Støde Thrust Thrust
Tread Træde Trod Trodden
Understand Forstå Understood Understood
Upset Vælte, bekymre sig Upset Upset
Wake Vække, vågne Waked Waked
Wear Have på, slide Wore Worn
Weave Væve Wove Woven
Weep Græde Wept Wept
Win Vinde Won Won
Wind Trække op, sno Wound Wound
Wring Vride Wrung Wrung
Write Skrive Wrote Written